Friday, August 11, 2006

To G

Birdsongs along your heart
dreaming towards the sun here
in this concrete
did you ever notice that
the city is like the way men
want to remake nature.
That is what she said to me one day
Now decorated with pagotas
as I climb around the lake we were born on
at least in my mind today
Maple leaves the size of my hand
and monarchs by the millions
I cannot stay focussed on
the hipsters here
with their drinks
and all of those cel phones
ticking time away for money
I see marshes
and want to fight for them
against the auto industry
and how
grouses nests
have no rights
as I sip my bitter coffee
on Queen street
not really caring anymore
about the way we moved here
and shared our outfits
and became city girls.
I love you songstress
Mandarin houses
and the birds of the Point in your notes
on the wings of your song.
I miss you here
where the grey is melting away
while you are gone.
Kissing statues of the Buddha
and microphones in neat

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