Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What Once Was

The smooth edges of you
of here
where the Aztecs once sat
Six Nations on one firm foot
Limestone set on quartz.
The unforgiving seas of this.
Quiet libraries with you
on Indian Road
Looking through Dante's Inferno
Illustrated by Dali
When I could not
And so

and so
when the fashion magazine
asked me to think of
the perfect man
I see you
sweaty from tennis
standing at my door
as I said no.

SIlly me.

I hold onto the rocks of this
to the urges
and the tides
of the Cat Lake
the crazy men
until I am able to
or something close
I throw you over Hulda's rock
with some beach glass
and walk back through the meadows
of Vinvilla.

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