Monday, March 06, 2006

Five Minutes Ago

Good graces
what do you do with the dying people
that come and interfere with this denial
how short things come and go

how we lace ourselves up

lately I have been so lonely for
someone in my bed
and how my family used to all live nearby
inside of my heartbeats

I long to kiss
but not like those desperate
things that we all find
on late nights
with beer and veils over our eyes

Not even in that girl way where
I wish to finally finally finally
find a man
with those things
that they protest.


That was so five minutes ago.

I long to kiss the day
as it comes over to blindside me.
To tongue the words
that sidle up to me
in short skirts

And where I am human and frail
I wish for some kind of grace
to sit in front of unchanging
unmoving real things
and move myself

I wish to move myself

Five minutes ago
I stopped sitting here.
Wondering why you do not love
Because I know you do
I do
And I feel the lips of it
as I die.
I feel the moist and definite pressure.
as I die again.
I do.

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