Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Unstring the boarders in my heart
surrender the girls along the mean swingsets
of my youth
banane, orange
the overs and unders on a dare
that I never could take
parting my hair in the middle
of this working class
with these girls who shone to me
the rollerskates
and gypsy jeans
that my mom would buy me
but only if they were baggy
so I had a crotch like a boy
and was left
never forgetting
the swashbuckling and
and those who would hold my hand
but only when noone was looking.
The slumber parties where
I was invited
in my blue cotton
girl gown
against thier
and tee shirts
and toe nail polish
Suzie Jacsic's mom
making pancakes shaped like our initials
in the morning

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