Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Better to Light Candles

Coming home last night
In silence to silence.
I heard a pin drop in my heart

and it sang

despite the way you are
right now I love you
in the vacuums I make of
these chambers

I hold you and sing
from the songs of merriment
my father used to sing to me
in the darkness
against the darkness.

I never knew that we were to
light candles
that this is the bravest thing
bent fathers

I ask everyday to leave the folds
of self
to someone better fit
than me

Branches break over silence
hearts too
and so who am I to not love
and the most broken?

Coming home in silence to silence
I hear my neighbour sing through the wall
and the hum of my computer
the breathing of my dogs

bottles being rummaged
swift car wheels
and I am no longer alone.

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